We’re driven by your members.

Driven delivers valuable vehicle insights to your members strengthening their relationship with your Credit Union. Instead of pointing members to third party vehicle valuation and tracking tools, Driven's Vehicle Information Panel™ can be delivered within your existing home banking or mobile banking app. This seamless experience enhances member satisfaction, and through an embedded loyalty offering, provides rewards and incentives that further strengthen their loyalty to your Credit Union.

Our mission

Driven helps credit unions serve the members better. Combining industry data sources with your member's vehicles and auto loans cracks open the insights you need to help your members, provide the information they need, and protect them from lenders that don't provide a member-first approach.

Introducing an innovative platform that transforms the auto lending experience for credit unions, their members, and dealer partners. Our solution provides real-time vehicle valuations, enabling members to track their car's worth and receive instant cash offers. Members enjoy a lifetime of engagement through tailored rewards, guidance for their next loan, and valuable auto finance tips.

Credit unions gain access to always up-to-date loan-to-value data, effortless member outreach abilities, and tools to nurture valuable single-service loan relationships. For dealer partners, we offer preferred access to trade-in and cash sale opportunities from credit union members, alongside targeted branding and reward programs to drive customer loyalty. Unlock a comprehensive ecosystem that elevates auto lending into a continuous, value-added journey.

Outstanding new vehicle loans @ CUs
Indirect auto loans @ CUs
$281.7 billion
Outstanding used vehicle loans @ CUs